Friday, 24 April 2009


FUCK i am basically just SO BORED I've decided to try and do as many things in the next half hour as possible. After posting this I intend to piss, but i need to do that so badly I might have to divide this activity (the posting) in two.

So Protoype is basically a mix of crackdown/GTA style action adventure with a sort of assassin's creed twist to it.

Yeah, it looks like a high school goth's wet dream, but we all have that side of us.

It will probably be fun for about an hour and then the story will turn out to be fucking dreadful and etc etc.

One thing that I'm thinking about this game is that you will probably unlock more powers and moves as you progress in level.

I am fucking SICK of that SHIT. Wouldn't it be more interesting if you started the game with all the powers at your disposal, each one assigned to a different combo or complex movement of one or other analog stick, but without being shown how to use them? Then as you play the game you get more used to them and figure them out and just generally end up with a better control/sense of how to apply the attacks/powers.

But no, it will just be levels and experience points just like EVERY OTHER GAME.

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