Tuesday, 19 May 2009

BioShock 2: THE FACTS

BioShock 2: Chunky Martin Sets Sail is set two and a half hours after the shipping date for the original game. Rapture does not yet exist as an imaginational construct in the brandscape of 21st century global capitalism; rather, it is a potential entity, housed within the minds of its creators. This is about to change.

An electrical storm at sea sinks a freighter carrying 100,000 copies of the game, which are released into the ocean. It is the worst rec-tech spill in recorded history, with ecological ramifications that threaten the entire planet. Furthermore, the storm actualises the content of the game discs, manufacturing a fissure in the material of factitional-space-time that allows Rapture's inhabitants to access dimensional reality. They quickly establish a real-world Rapture, which attracts all of the human race's greatest scientists and artists. Unfortunately, this version is a massive success, and nobody wants to leave.

The player assumes control of Manuel "Chunky" Martinez, an aspiring maritime hero with a small-but-noticeable weight problem, who must travel to the new city to kidnap as many people as he can before he starts to feel bad about himself. Since the game is set in real life, the player must ride on Martinez's shoulder, shouting instructions in pidgin English.

New features include the "Big Sister" (literally the elder female sibling of the player) and the removal of the contentious Vita-Chamber feature, which enhances the game's immersiveness by making death fatal.


  1. can you score with the big sister on this game?

    like...score with?

  2. Where am i get this game?