Thursday, 4 June 2009

Left for Dead Once More

The M.O. of this blog being what it is (i.e. excoriating lazy-looking sequels), I submit, for your delectation, Left 4 Dead 2.

Hmm...samey. Okay, so it looks a little sharper; there are new characters (amusingly, naysayers are complaining that they look "bland", as though the cast of the first game was highly-developed); new weapons; a few new zombies; and a new setting (New Orleans? That would explain the Dixieland music). But on the whole, it appears to be exactly the same thing again.

Considering that it's only been about six months since the original came out, the question is begged: what's with the rush? The chattering denizens (God love 'em) of Webland report that this is the game Valve originally wanted to put out, but they had to release a premature version for financial reasons. Or something. Be that as it may, you'd think they'd make an effort to really switch things up for part two...this seems more like a glossy director's cut.

Of course, the gameplay in L4D was already pretty spot-on in its limited way, so perhaps there's no sense complaining; but then that leads us off into the old why make sequels at all? debate. The answer to which is "because there is no God".


  1. Well, that video scaling sucks. Wish I knew 'bout stuff.

  2. I heard the game was set in Africa, but this looks like Cuba or something. Not that I know what those places look like. A zombie game set in either would be great though.

    It would be nice if you got a discount for this game if you already owned Left4Dead 1. That seems like something Valve would be up for. Since it's basically a mod for Left4Dead.
    Also the title. Left4Dead 2? Surely they could have done something there. Zombies8MyBrains? Work with me, Valve.

  3. also the amount of pills that guys eats at 1:30ish can't be good for him.

    Something that's bugged me (and when I say "bugged me" I mean "I don't care about) about Left4Dead is how, in the intro to the game, the survivors are like "the zombies are changing, how weird," then you start playing and they've instantly named all the special zombies you meet. These names, coincidentally, describe what these zombies do pretty much exactly, although Smoker is a bit opaque.

    It smokes.

  4. also check THIS out:

    This game actually sounds great.