Thursday, 19 November 2009

Modern Warfare 2

Most of the time I feel like my life totally lacks direction. When this feeling isn't completely crippling and I'm lying, numb, arms limp, basically dead, staring a blank computer screen, slowly allowing the blinding light from my 200" monitor to wear away at my retinas or gibbering and moaning about how everyone in the world has got it together apart from me, I play games.

Modern Warfare 2 is the only game I have been playing the last few days.

This isn't because it's good. It's because some part of me believed Cod4 was one of the greatest games ever made. I would play that game every day with my friends and comrades. We'd just chat shit and sometimes shoot a guy. Oh, but it's really balanced and well polished and etc, etc and really, who cares?

We're playing Modern Warfare 2 now, instead. And sometimes it's a good distraction. If I can allow it to make me forget about the awful, every-day-the-same-nothing-bullshit of my life. But you know, masturbation is the same. And really so is writing shit like this. And neither this writing nor Modern Warfare 2 is as good as jerking off.

The biggest problem with Modern Warfare 2 is that there is no point in not using an assault rifle at all, for anything. If you need to kill a guy, from far away or close quarters, or if you want to tame a wild horse or open a Cajun style restaurant: you only need the Scar-H.

Sure, I've made some fruity classes and named them things like "fear" and "tremendous poopan'" and they utilize sniper rifles or SMGs. But the Scar-H, or the M16, or FAMAS, or M4 are like an SMG and a sniper rifle COMBINED. THEY ARE PERFECT.

But really, playing COD:MW2 with your buddies is the best part. When you have a great back and forth and you own some useless fuck who was chatting shit the entire time you were in the lobby, that's what the game is great for.

So what about all the guns? Maybe this should be a casual game for the games lover.
Or maybe this just means masturbation is better with more people?


  1. I tried to open a Cajun-style restaurant with a Glock 17 once. The reviews were terrible.

  2. You should have used the ACR, with a silencer. Or with an acog at a push. This is basic stuff, get it together.