Monday, 2 November 2009

Tekken 6

Do you remember 1998 and how it brought out Tekken 3 and it was good?

Of course you do, everyone does.

But do you remember Tekken Force being a good idea?

No, this is an impossible thing to remember. Tekken Force was the shittest thing about any game ever, at that point, I am fairly certain.

And yet Namco have NEVER GOTTEN RID OF IT. It's still there in Tekken 6.

You know all the special moves in Tekken? Literally hundreds of unique combos and attacks? None of them are in Tekken Force, you have only the basic punches and kicks.

The story and dialogue does seem like it was put together by a ten year old, but as such it's lacking in the goofy cameos of Indiana Jones and Batman, which it sorely needs.

I would have genuinely prefered it if they hadn't bothered translating the dialogue at all and I could draw my own conclusions as to wtf is up with this pink haired chick with chainsaw hands and why all these fighters are hanging out in parks and on the docks.

The actual fighting element, the vs mode (which is obviously what Tekken is all about) is still GOOD and the new characters fit in with the spirit of the game pretty neatly.

Online it's just so laggy it's almost unplayable. Particularly annoying is one of Lee's moves, three low kicks followed by a mid kick. Easy to block, except the lag means the last kick ALWAYS hits me. Maybe I'm just totally cack handed at this game; I've seen no evidence to suggest otherwise, so maybe other players will do better.

It's nice to see Tekken again, but it's not the triumphant return it should be. But this is what we were all expecting, right?

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