Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Alun Richards: "Looks every bit as fucking retarded as I'd imagined."

Phil Duncan: "'Bioshock with tits' - one of the comments on youtube...I think its a quote from the Lead Designer"

Alun Richards: "Bioshock with blowjobs. Dolphin blowjobs."

Roland Le Good: "Bioshock needed more dolphin blowjobs. Everything does, now I think about it. Good examples: University, the bible, every single item of clothing I own."

Roland Le Good: "So I finally realised there was a video link here and watched it. You know what this game is? Someone built a good physics engine for water and they put together a shitty, ultra basic story around it. 'There should be terrorists and they should be somewhere with a lot of water. Where in the world is there a lot of water? IN THE SEA. I'm going on a break.'
But who knows? Maybe the water physics will be shit too."

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